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Our expert engineering team at WILTEG will assess your Renewable Energy needs and design a customized system that is BEST for you. 

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Experience cost savings of at least 60% per hour with the use of our Night Star® Retrofit (NSR) LED Lighting Technology.

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More than 100 Years of Experience | More Than Five Years in Business | Coming Soon: The New Non-Fossil Fuel Power Generator Technology

Renewable Green Energy Products from A Dynamic Energy Solution Company


With the ultimate goal of helping customers reduce their cost and power consumption, WILTEG offers dynamic energy solutions through green energy products. We deliver energy-saving products that are thoroughly researched and designed to make power consumption rates more affordable. Our energy cost-saving solutions are scalable and customized for each project. Our network of consultants and engineers are equipped with more than 100 years of experience and expertise necessary to channel new ideas for renewable energy technologies.

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